Advantages of Laser Marking

Cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency

Discover the transformative power of laser marking and engraving. With fast turnaround times and competitive pricing, laser marking emerges as a compelling alternative to traditional methods, revolutionizing your part identification needs.


The laser mark permanently transforms the material and will last the life of the surface material itself.

Accuracy and Consistency

The laser beam is steered by computer-controlled galvo mirrors, resulting in extremely accurate and consistent marks across thousands of cycles.

Non-Contact Process

The laser beam targets only specific areas on the material, ensuring precise, high-contrast, and high-quality marks. Outside of the laser-marked area itself, no stress is placed on the part from lasering or work holding. The lasered parts are distortion free.


Any type of information that can be displayed visually can be laser marked onto your parts.  See our Application Section.  Further, the information being marked can be altered quickly and easily.  Whether changing lot codes, skipping a group of serial numbers in the middle of a run, or updating your address or patent information in between runs, there is very little extra time required to update the marking information.

High Resolution

Laser marking can create characters and graphics as small as humanly legible, and smaller! Our laser beam can make marks as thin as .002” resulting in high quality, finely detailed graphics and other information.

Environmentally Friendly / RoHS Compliant

Marking processes such as chemical etching and inkjet use chemicals and inks for marking. These consumables are often expensive and release harmful fumes that negatively impact the environment. Laser marking, however, does not make use of any consumables and has zero impact on the environment. Laser marking is a clean, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly process.

Fast Turnaround

Because many laser marking jobs require no fixture fabrication or complicated machine setup, prototypes and first pieces can be produced in as little as 1 to 2 days.

Low Setup Cost and Change Cost

Many jobs require no fixture fabrication. Further, the information being marked can be edited or updated on the fly with the click of a mouse button.

Competitive Pricing

Due to many of the advantages listed above, as well as the high speed of the laser itself, laser marking often offers a very competitive price alternative to older marking methods.